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Thursday, May 16, 2002

Up For Grabs...
Watching Madonna on stage last night was a strange and at times anxious experience. We felt like nervous parents going to see our only daughter perform in an end of term school play. We had butterflies in our stomachs as we took our seats we so wanted it to be good. And like any anxious parents we hung on every word our little treasure spoke and every move she made. We beamed when she reacted to other player’s lines in a suitable manner just like a real actor. We guffawed when she had a funny line to speak herself. We were fiercely proud of her when she did something well and defiantly supportive when she faltered on words or movements. We applauded wildly when she first arrived and stood and cheered when she had finished. Brava. It was a fabulous show, a great performance. How could it be anything else? It was our little girl.

Play any good? Yes. Not too original but entertaining enough.
Can Madonna act? No.
Does that matter? No. Like Arnie et al she’s a star not an actor.
Rest of the cast? Universally excellent.
Best actor? Dawn (Sian Thomas)
Cutest actor? Kel (Daniel Pino)
Staging? Simple, effective and appropriate.
Worth the money (£40)? Yes. As star vehicles go it was fine. At no point were we actually embarrassed for her being on stage.

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