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Sunday, May 05, 2002

Stranger Things...
Just before the Bremen gig as Charles, Fred, Dave, Thiery, Ben and I were walking to the venue to pick up our tickets a voice called out "JONATHAN!" from behind us. I turned round and didn't see anyone I knew. We kept walking. Another, "JONATHAN!". We turned again and saw a rather cute bleached haired boy striding towards us. "No one I know", I said. We kept walking. Finally he caught up with us and I turned round to face him. "I'm Tomas", he said "I read your web site every day. I saw you were coming to Bremen and recognised your picture from your web site photos." Well, I was almost in shock. I'm walking through a strange road, in a strange city and a strange country and a stranger comes up and says hello. He knows all about me and where I'm going. Amazing! So I have to say Hi Tomas! and I hope you are well and it was great to meet you!

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