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Saturday, May 04, 2002

The Bremen gig...
Soft Cell were preceded at the Bremen Modernes by a group called Surf. They were a sort of electronica/80s trio with odd bits of rap and cheese thrown it. Really quite good fun and it got us in the mood perfectly.

The venue was small and the standing room layered quite steeply so it was easy to get a good line of sight. At 8pm sharp on they came. Marc was sporting an even bigger blonde quiff than I remember and black T shirt, jacket and trousers. The set was more or less the same as we have got used to over the past year since last years Ocean gigs. Just Baby Doll being added I think.

The crowd seemed to enjoy themselves but not as much as I had hoped they would. It took some time for Marc to warm up and I it wasnt until Torch that things really started to get going.

After the gig we waited around for Marc and Dave to appear and got some shots of them when they did. Then it was back to the hotel bar for more beer, gossip and gig post mortem.

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