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Monday, May 06, 2002

Getting to Brussels...
On Saturday we had another early start and we (Ben, Hanko and I) were on a train bound for Brussels. Naturally we we sitting in front of some screaming kids. I was all for throwing them out down the carriage at one point! (Yes, I do lose my rag sometimes!)

Charles, Fred, Dave and Thiery were driving instead of taking the train and during the journey Dave texted us the details of the hotel their were all staying at in case we wanted to switch again as we had done in Bremen. As I rechecked our original hotel details I realised that we would have been even further away from the centre than we were going to be in Bremen! Looks like I screwed up again on the hotel front. Minutes later I had called the Metropole and we had a deluxe room waiting for us. So we went from slumming it to going posh in one short phone call. The Metropole is a very swish place. Highly ornate and oozing style. Needless to say we stuck out like sore thumbs!

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