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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

My work problems: the gory details...
I *think* I know what the issue is with this guy that attacked me (but haven't had the courage to face my 'accuser' yet to confirm). I run the London office. Last month I found out that without my permission some of our London users accounts were being moved randomly about in the company's computer system, some service accounts were being locked out and others had their details altered. All by some remote admin guy at Head Office. When I found out what was going on I blocked the ability to make any further user changes from anyone but our office until I found out who was making these stupid rogue changes and why. When Head Office found out I had blocked them (just last weekend) they stupidly went ballistic without first asking me why I had locked them out. The main guy there (quite high up the IT ladder I might add) chose to say some rather critical things ("abusing my permissions", "dangerous", "I must be stopped"). As the e-mail travelled it's way to higher and higher people in the company some others took the opportunity to stick the boot in too and add their comments (I guess those people just plain don’t like me). Soon the accusations of "abusing my permissions" were taken as truth and I was called in to see my MD to explain myself. I tried to explain to him but he seemed less than convinced that they wasn't something in the accusations. He was a bit 'no smoke without fire'. To my knowledge I was (a) only doing my job (either I am allowed to do my job or I'm not) and (b) what's the big deal anyway I unblocked them when asked, didn't I? Even after all this mess my boss wants me to put the remote block back on! I told him to put it in writing!

Well I'm now left with the feeling that mud sticks. I've been accused of being unprofessional and 'dangerous'. It's untrue and potential damaging to my career. And for me the attack was very personal. I take great pride in my work. And the attack is eating me up. I'm off my food and wanting to crawl under a rock and die.

What does the panel think? Get some thicker skin or have a showdown with those that dare to criticise the Great Green One?

BTW Thanks for all the e-mails and messages of support today. It really helps. [big grin].

UPDATE: This afternoon my boss has sent off his defence of me and what I did. As have I. We await the replies (if any).

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