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Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Pop Quiz…
It was nice to be back at Pop Quiz last night after my continental Grand Tour. David and Darren were there as was Ian who turned up a little later. His fall had obvious shaken him up a bit. Poor lamb.

Post quiz we headed off to Bar Code to catch up on gossip, swap stories and general bond a bit. Needless to say I was far too late home (sorry Marky!)

So, to the quiz proper. It was a dreadful quiz to be honest. Too geeky, too many obscure questions and a dreadful choice of music. To whit, the first 12 questions all relied on The Langley School Music Project. A collection of Canadian school kids doing covers from the 70s who are getting rave reviews (why?!) from the heavy weight music press. Argh! I shall try and recreate the questions but to be honest there is no way I could relate the true awfulness of a choir of school kids murdering the classics.

01. Name any two of the three brothers in the Beach Boys?
02. Who had a hit with Band On The Run? Exact answer only please.
03. Who had a hit with I’m Into Something Good?
04. Who had a hit with Desparado?
05. What album was it from?
06. What year was it from?
07. How many top ten UK hits has Neil Diamond had?
08. Who had a hit with To Know Him Is To Love Him?
09. Who had a hit with Rhiannon?
10. Who wrote it?
11. The Carpenters had a strangely titled hit that started with the words, “In your mind you have capacities you know To telepath messages through the vast unknown Please close your eyes and concentrate With ever thought you think Upon the recitation we’re about to sing” Can you name the song title exactly. (12 words)
12. Was the above song a cover or an original?
13. What is Tweet’s current top ten single called?
14. What is The Hives’ current single called?
15. What is Moby’s current single called?
16. Who has a Eurovision entry with the name Sergio and The Ladies?
17. In what show is Madonna starring in the West End?
18. What is the connection between the Carpenters and Geri Halliwell?
19. What closed after 21 years in the West End on 11th May 2002?
20. Who is the UK entrant in Eurovision this year?

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