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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Big Brother 3 - The split...
The Big Brother house is to be split in two - a similar trick being used in the Dutch version last year. Plastic bars will come down to split the house in two, with those in the rich part given £400 housekeeping money and access to better living conditions. The losers would have to live on basic provisions and use an outside toilet. Contestants will be able to earn a place in the luxury section by doing well in a task.

And in related news: You can't watch BB for free now on the web. £9.99 is charged per month by Channel Four to see the streaming content. Last year the streaming of live action from the BB house was free. In one report C4 claimed that charging would actually improve the service on offer. But this has already been disputed by some who've coughed up their cash and found that they are unable to access any live content. A common complaint is to see 'Link outdated' on every connection attempt.

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