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Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Pim Fortuyn...
The assassination of right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn was a big shock in Holland. I should know. I was there. There was shouting in the street and the police were deployed in Dam Square.

You may have heard of some of his policies:-
-Halt immigration
-Integrate existing immigrants
-Re-erect Dutch border controls
-Sack 25% of civil servants
-End Dutch system of consensus politics

What you may have not have heard is what a screaming queen he was. Maurice and Lesley filled me in on the gossip as we watched the events of last night unfold. When asked if he would rather be in a Catholic Church or a dark room he said, "A dark room. Every time." He said to a female reporter once who was asking him a tricky question, "Get back to your kitchen and stop these ridiculous questions!" When interviewed about his ex-boyfriend who left him after 9 years he said, "One day I will get my revenge on him!" We asked about the Dutch armed forces he said, "sack them all! Except the marines. I love marines!" And he used to carry two lap dogs with him everywhere.

What a queen!

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