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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Getting to Sitges...
A lazy day yesterday meant I could get up late and meander off to Schipol. The flight to Barcelona was on a cheap and cheerful KLM owned airline but in spite of everything I was quite relaxed. The flight turned out to be smooth and went quite quickly. It was only after I landed I realised quite now lucky I had been. There was torrential rain in Spain and things could have been much worse in the air.

The train to El Prat (sic) and then on to Sitges was easy. As I boarded the second train the opening bars to Singing In The Rain were piped through to the carriages which made me smile. The irony being lost on my fellow passengers despite us all being soaked through from standing in the pouring rain for 15 minutes.

It was great to me Paul and Simon and again. Their new gaff in Sitges is much bigger and nearer town that before. Just a shame the weather is so bloody awful.

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