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Saturday, May 25, 2002

The Eurovision Song Contest 2002...
Tonight is the big night. The flags are out, the stage is set and the irony is lost on no-one. Croatia are hosting this year's Eurovision Song Contest and parties are being held all over Europe by way of (mock) celebration. Almost every single gay man that I know is going to be watching it and jeering, sneering and cheering as the 24 counties parade their 'finest' song writing talent to an audience of trillions. I don't if that the fact that all my gay friends are watching it says something about the demographic of the event's appeal or the fact that I just know a lot of camp gay men but what the heck. It'll be fun. We're going to a big bash up in North London. I've made up CDs of all the songs along with lyric sheets so we can all sing along with the best (and worst) of them. Should be a riot.

If you want to hear or see any of the 24 entries you can do so here.

Does this show get shown in America or Australia?

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