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Sunday, May 19, 2002

Friday, Saturday, Sunday...
David and I popped out for a quick pint on Friday night. Little did we know who we would meet, what we would do to them and where we would end up. Starting at Comptons (Hi Guy!), then The Yard (Hi Neil! Hi Phillip! Hi Dave!), then a thai restaurant (thanks Neil!) and finally CXR79 (Hi Saunders! Hi Peter!) we painted the town a deep shade of red. Apparently we did a spot of match-making too (Hi Ian!).

On Saturday my sister Jo came up and we did a spot of shopping. In the evening I hooked up with David, Marcus and Guy in Comptons before heading to Michael's pad just off Leicester Square for a party. Michael lays on a great do and we had a great time. Michael is currently staying at Alan Cumming's flat with it's two sundecks and jacuzzi. Very swish.

Later on Marky, Sarah, Ben and I went to a house party next door but one to where we live. It all got a bit out of hand so about 4ish we came back home to play some video games.

Up early, today I'm off to see Attack Of The Clones (thanks Darren!), then celebrating Jason's birthday at Comptons (spot the theme here?) and off to the RVT.

Busy, busy, busy :)

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