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Monday, May 06, 2002

The Amsterdam gig...
Hanko swung by our hotel about 5:30ish and we headed on over to the Mankind bar where a pre-show party was in full swing. It was nice to meet some other Soft Cell groupies and the atmosphere was great - if not a little flirtatious (!) By the time the doors were due to open we were a little 'merry' and in excellent spirits.

The venue itself (Amsterdam Paradiso) was a great size (not to big, not too small) and the lighting was perfect. The sound was a bit ropey at times though. From the opening number I danced and danced and danced. The beer kept flowing and before long I was playing the role of little Miss Matchmaker Dolly Levi to two of our troupe. Before long cupid's arrow hit home with me too and I was having a snog with Glenn. I blame Hanko for this! He should have stopped me! (Only joking, Hanky Panky!). The combination of beer, dancing, singing and flirting made the show just fantastic for me. Marc seemed to be giving it his all on stage and we were doing the same in the audience.

Fred (a history teacher, don't you know) is used to shouting above a loud noise and so lead the chanting of "Happy Birthday, Dave" as it was Dave Ball's birthday that night. He (and Marc) seemed to not hear Fred though - but we soon found out why they were ignoring us. Marc had planned his own little Happy Birthday To You singalong a bit later on. And when that time came the whole crowd roared and sang at full volume. Dave is a shy guy and it was great to see him so pleased and smiling.

The audience weren't typical Soft Cell fans particularly. And the reason for this I think is that the night was billed as a kind of I Love The 80's Night and way down the poster it happened to mention that Soft Cell were on (we later found out that when La Almond discovered this he tried to get the gig cancelled as he was so furious). When the band finished the disco started and it turned into a regular club night. We left and headed off to do some bars in town. Needless to say the Eagle was one of them (and all that entails). 'Nuff said.

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