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Monday, May 06, 2002

The Brussels gig...
Brussels Ancienne Belgique was the venue for the last show in the Soft Cell European Tour 2002. We waited around outside as Hanko was meeting a friend, Bernard (known to his friends as 'energybiker'), who had his ticket for the gig. When finally he arrived we were all full of excitement and dying to all get in the venue. Despite being the biggest of the venues we had been in that week it was a sell out. Marc was smiling the moment he came on stage too. Could it be because of the rapturous reception he received or was it because it was the last night?

Energybiker and I danced together for the whole gig which made think that Hanko had been lining me up with dancing partners from the start! (If it's true Hanko, thank you!) The usual 80 minute set seemed to fly by and I even sang along to Last Chance which is an event in itself.

Marc threw himself into his dancing and singing like neither of the previous two nights and he was rewarded with the audiences ecstatic reaction throughout. The final encores of Martin and Sex Dwarf were really quite fantastic. Enhanced further still energybiker, Hanko and I were pogoing like lunatics.

After the show we all sat in the bar and chatted and gossiped. It was nice to see Andrea (Hi Andrea!) and Denise (Hi Denise!) there too. Sadly we seemed to lose Ben somewhere along the way who thought we had gone back to the hotel.

After leaving the venue we bumped into Dave Ball just getting into the tour bus. He stayed and chatted with us for about 10 minutes telling us stories of Marc's temperamental nature (changing hotels three times, nearly canceling the A'dam gig etc) and telling some inside information about what he thought of the shows they had done and the ones they were due to do later in the year. He seemed a really genuine guy and sincerely appreciated that we had been following the tour. For me it was a perfect end to a perfect gig.

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