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Monday, March 18, 2002

This was posted to my comments earlier today after my posting about the 'sex with a goat' item...

Our animal welfare group noticed the case of the arrest of a zoophile who is being prosecuted. We wanted the court and others involved with the case to be aware of our group and our web site with information on sexual assaults on animals and those who do this like the defendant; http://www.asairs.com

In our experience, the defendant is likely to re-offend, the UK has a strict law against animal buggery and we urge prosecution and sex-offender treatment. A person who does this is known as a zoophile, which in many ways is similar to pedophilia. Unfortunately this abuse of animals is a growing problem.

If we can be of further assistance for information, please contact us.

Good day to you

The ASAIRS inc staff

A.S.A.I.R.S.inc is a non-profit animal welfare entity chartered and incorporated under the laws of the state of Missouri to promote awareness of, education about, and prevention of sexual abuse of animals (zoophilia)

Business mail;
Greg Myers, President
ASAIRS inc P.O. Box 1157 Arnold, MO 63010

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