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Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Spot the connection...
Boy George
Holly Johnson
Paul Rutherford
Jimmy Somerville
Marc Almond
Andy Bell
Tom Robinson (ish)
Patrick Fitzgerald
Simon Gilbert
David McAlmont
Debbie Smith
Bandit Queen
Skin (of Skunk Anansie)
Sister George
Martin Rossiter (of Gene) Successfully 'inned' himself and also gave birth to a 7lb baby girl just before the Reading Festival
Elton John
Neil Tennant
Chris Lowe
George Michael
Stephen Gateley
Richard Fairbrass
Simon Fowler (of Ocean Colour Scene)
Sam Harris
Kris Kirk
Marilyn (aka Peter Robinson)
Freddie Mercury
Sinead O'Connor (ish)
Labi Siffre
2wo Third3 (well, 2 of them)
Dusty Springfield
7th Avenue
oh, and Will Young

Are there any more I should know about? If so, please let me know as I'm compiling a list of Gay British Pop Stars.

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