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Thursday, March 14, 2002

Man had sex with a nanny goat...
A judge decided yesterday to spend two more days deciding what sentence was apt for a man spotted by commuters having sex with a goat.

Stephen Hall, 23, who is HIV positive, was wrestled to the ground by walkers who found him with the animal on allotments in east Hull as the passengers, on a train to Bridlington, called the police on their mobile phones. The commuter train had stopped at a red light, overlooking a shelter of tin sheets where Hall had imprisoned the nanny goat with his belt. Hull crown court was told that Hall had decided to assault the animal in a "spontaneous act". Judge Michael Mettyear told the court he was "sceptical" there was any programme helpful to Hall.

He was asked by Chris Dunn, defending, to bear in mind the consequences of a jail term for this unemployed and sick man. "It is difficult to know what else to say to mitigate in [this] case," said Mr Dunn. "All right-minded, normal thinking people would find this abhorrent. Clearly [he] needs help."

The court heard that Hall was seen having sex with the goat by a man walking with his grandson near Argyle Street allotments. Hall hid but then backed into view again, with his trousers round his ankles and a tight grip on the goat. He pleaded guilty to buggery at an earlier hearing. Rebecca Thornton, prosecuting, said the goat had suffered distress during the assault, which went on for up to 10 minutes.

[From today's Guardian]

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