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Tuesday, March 05, 2002

I must memorize, I must memorize...
Tonight's Retro Bar Pop Quiz may well have Pop Idol related questions. So to prepare I've dug out some useless useful facts about a few of the stars of that show.
Will Young's double A-side Evergreen/Anything Is Possible sold 1,108,269 copies in the UK in the first week. The previous best was Hear'Say's Pure And Simple which sold 549,823.
Gareth Gates single Unchained Melody out of 14th March (written for the 1955 film "Unchained") has been taken to the top of the UK charts by three artists: Sir Jimmy Young (1955), Righteous Brothers (1990 - in 1965 is only made #14)) & Robson & Jerome (1995).
Pop Idol reject Jessica Garlick will be the UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry this year.
Is there any other trivia I should remember?

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