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Sunday, March 03, 2002

Queer Nation...
I'd decided to stay in last night. Mark was away so I had the place to myself. I was chatting to shel online in Canada and we were swapping videos, gossip and he helped me setup my home webcam (now added to sidebar) so it how does all the things you might expect (update automatically, launch in a new window etc). Little did I know that this webcam would come in very handy - and sooner than I'd thought.

Earlier in the day I'd got an e-mail from Ian urging me to come to Queer Nation down in Brixton, He was getting there at about 12:30. This was followed up with text messages and eventually a telephone call later on in the evening. I finally conceded to go but hadn't got a clue what to wear. Normally I'd ask Marky but he was away. Luckily shel was on the other end of a webcam and this turned out to be the perfect answer. I spent the next hour parading up and down my bedroom like a catwalk queen in various outfits and while he passed judgement of what I should (and should not) wear. It was so funny. Here is some of the conversation.

(who was signing on as bob)
Jonathan says: so we have three choices of top
Jonathan says: orange with flowers
Jonathan says: we have black lycra
Jonathan says: and we have abercrombie
Jonathan says: red
Jonathan says: red aber or orange and flowers?
bob says: try on the red aber
Jonathan says: ok (I try it on)
bob says: tuck it in for comparison
Jonathan says: I never tuck!
bob says: really? hehe
Jonathan says: easy tiger!
bob says: lol
Jonathan says: and next on the catwalk we have the orange with flowers
bob says: orange with flowers looks better than I expected
Jonathan says: it's south african so might fit in with the Queer Nation crowd...
bob says: or they might perceive you as mocking as well
bob says: let's see the lycra
Jonathan says: OK
Jonathan says: now *that* I tuck!
bob says: hehe
Jonathan says: might I add that you are stepping into my b/fs shoes very nicely thank very much
bob says: heheh
bob says: what can I say...the result of going to the bar for dozens of nights and mocking bad fashion
bob says: okay, stand further back
Jonathan says: the lyrca shows off my 6 pack and my (ahem) crotch a lot better
bob says: all i can see is your belt buckle
Jonathan says: I'll don shoes while the judges consider their opinion. (Swimsuit section cancelled due to time constraints)
bob says: hahaha
bob says: i'd go lycra or red, depending if you're being naughty tonight
Jonathan says: naughty? would that mean red or black then?
bob says: naughty = black
Jonathan says: the scarlet woman?
bob says: although I do really like the red
bob says: BUT
bob says: if you got it, flaunt it
Jonathan says: hee hee
Jonathan says: Lyrca I think. I'll wear the orange tomorrow to the Vauxhall.
Jonathan says: (i.e can't be bothered to do any ironing tonight)

Once I actually managed to myself sorted out and get out of the house and get down to Brixton the club was great. Cool disco groove music with some house and charty stuff in there too. I danced my little socks off with David, Marcus and Ian and finally got home around 6am. I fun night out. To be recommended.

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