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Wednesday, March 06, 2002

A two-legged table…

Rather like a table with just two legs, no matter how strong those legs may be, the table is going to fall. So it was with last night’s Pop Quiz. Both David and Ian were crying off due to illness or work commitments so it was left to Darren and I to bear the standard, hoist the flag and pin our colours to the mast (to mix far too many flag-related metaphors). Also in attendance were Dave, David and Iain. Damn their eyes. To say the quiz was hard would be lying. It was easy. Well so Wendy told us. It’s just that we were crap. Our catalogue of gaffs was frankly embarrassing. We dropped points all over the place; erroneously adding extra words to song titles (twice); saying the right answer and then changing it to the wrong one (twice); anticipating a question coming up and then forgetting the memorized answer (once); and, worst of all (crime of crimes), getting the words to Dancing Queen wrong! We slinked off at the end of the night with our lowest score ever. 9 (NINE!) out of 20. We hung our heads in shame. I shall do my best to reproduce the quiz here but nothing an convey the panic that began to set in as it all started to go so very wrong. Try and NOT look up the answers on the net (as they are all there I’m sure) and see if you get more than us at a first attempt. 01. Name the country and city where this year’s Eurovision Contest is to be held? 02. How many copies (+/-5000) of Will Young’s debut single were sold in the first week in the UK? (Try to not scroll down and look at the correct answer I posted only but yesterday!) 03. Who is number two in the charts with Whenever, Whenever? Which family wrote it? (will get you an extra bonus point) 04. What are the first 12 words of Abba’s Dancing Queen? 05. What are the first 10 words of Abba’s Mamma Mia? 06. What are the first 19 words of Abba’s Money, Money, Money? 07. What are the first 24 words of Abba’s Gimme, Gimme, Gimme (A Man After Midnight)? 08. What are the first 7 words of Abba’s Waterloo? 09. Name one of the four people who sung either the original Brat Pack version of Me And My Shadow or the recent cover? 10. Name another of the four people who sung either the original Brat Pack version of Me And My Shadow or the recent cover? 11. Name yet another of the four people who sung the original Brat Pack Me And My Shadow or the recent cover? 12. Who sung, and on what album, tracks with the lyrics, “jose jones told me alone”, “he was a guy an underwater guy who controlled the sea” and “as loud as hell, a ringing bell” 13. Five Nokia ring tones (a) (b) (here are two because I can't be arsed to look the others up. But they were tough!) 14. What 80s song has a break in the middle with merry-go-round music and someone repeating something that sounds like, “sinzier line in Berlin, sinzier line in Berlin”? 15. Who has a song in the charts that has been remixed and released from 2000 and what is the title? 16. Who had a hit with “It was a cold and wet December day, When we touched the ground at JFK, Snow was melting on the ground, On BLS I heard the sound” and what is track title? 17. Who had a hit with “Who's that lady, Coming down the road, Who's that lady, Who's that woman, Walking through my door” and what’s the track title? 18. Who had a hit with “Don't ask me why I'm running out of laughter, There's tears in these eyes” and what was the track title? 19. What was the year the previous three answers were hits? I hope next week we shall have our third and fourth legs back.

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