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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Webmonkeys at Pop Quiz...
We didn't win last night as we did last week but got a respectable 16 out of 20. Webmonkeys (for that is what we now call ourselves team name-wise) is getting into it's stride, especially now that Darren is a regular (this week sporting a rather fetching pair of glasses I might add). Along with Darren, David and my good self this week we boasted the lusciously lipped Dave too. Ian joined us later on after a little nap.

So to the quiz. I shall try and reproduce it as best I can but it ain't easy without the tunes, man.

01 - 03. Name all nine of these female singers. Three answers to each of questions 1 to 3.

04. What's the connection between Martine McCutcheon, Michael Jackson and Liza Minnelli?
05. Who have a single out this week called Home and Dry?
06. What 'Mark' was the singer of Metal Guru?
07. What 'Mark' was the singer in The Fall?
08. What 'Mark' was in the band that had a hit with Kings Of The Wild Frontier?
09. Name these five Nokia tunes... - no, no I simply can't bring myself to do it they were all such horrible versions. Instead I'll just ask you to fill in the blanks a) Ain't XXXX Sunshine b) Amazing XXXX c) Rhinestone XXXX d) XXXX XXXX XXXX Clowns e) XXXX By XXXX Man
10. Who are these two famous late 70s/early 80s musicians? They met in 1976. Both changed their last names. They formed a punk band together after seeing the Sex Pistols in London. One of them soon left to form his own (hugely influential) band. The original band went on and was soon signed to a big record label and made it very big. Both bands have now split. The two musicians now reformed as a duo.
11. You has a single out called Cocoon?
12. Ali G and Shaggy have a single out. What's it's called?
13. Iron Maiden have a charity record in the top ten. What it called? And for a bonus point, when was it originally a hit?
14. Whose single out this week has a cover of Suicide Is Painless as a B-side?
15. What the first line to the chorus of Madonna's La Isla Bonita:
<-----------------what is this first line ?---------------------->
When it's time for siesta you can watch them go by
Beautiful faces, no cares in this world
Where a girl loves a boy, and a boy loves a girl

16. Which female singer had a hit with Looking for Love?
17. Which female singer had a hit with Crush?
18. Which band and featured artist had a hit with the heavily sampled Feel It?
19. What was the year the previous three tracks were all hits?

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