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Friday, March 15, 2002

Thumb bandits...
Tonight Marky and I are going to deepest, darkest Hertfordshire to have a family meal / birthday bash / Mother's Day celebration with Merts, Terts, Jo, Si, Dawn et al. We're kipping over at Myrtle's as I've got a USB card, CompactFlash reader and CD-R/RW to install on their PC in the morning. She's just bought herself a Nikon 775 (just like mine and just like David's) and wants to be able to transfer pix to her PC and then on to CD. My mother has become so 2002 lately!

Saturday we are heading back to Highbury by lunchtime. Drew, Marky, Marcus and I will be twitching our thumbs in the afternoon trying to get to grips with preventing an alien invasion, trying to rescue some bundles of fluff with teeth from hideously deformed scientists using a one-footed mutant and racing round Trafalgar Square at breakneck speed in Mini's. It'll be the first time I've seen Marcus without David which is kind of odd as I tend to think of them as one. Awwww.

Everyone has to be out by 9-30/10pm though as I'm getting my new Arsenal away kit all pressed and ready for Shorts and Shorts. No TV crew this time :)

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