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Wednesday, March 20, 2002

St Patrick's Day...
Last Sunday was St Paddy's Day - as if you couldn't have failed to notice if you were anywhere near London's glitzy West End. Thousands of drunken people wearing green were staggering through the streets in comedy Guinness hats looking for booze, dancing and a good time. The police blocked off Strand at one point as everyone had decided to walk in the street rather than on the pavement. The luck of the Oirish, eh? Well, everyone looked all Oirish. Except they didn't sound Oirish. This was confirmed when upon closer inspection the majority actually turned out to be Oztrarlians. Sure enough St Patrick's Day had been hi-jacked by our antipodean friends.

Rather reminiscent of the fact that there supposed to be more Oirish people living in America than there are in Oireland.

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