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Thursday, March 21, 2002

For all you ex-Steps fans...
Former Steps stars H and Claire are joining ITV1's Saturday morning children's show, SM:tv Live, in April. "Being an SM:tv presenter is a dream come true." Really. That'll make two gay male presenters then. Wonder how long it'll be before Brian feels threathened and votes him off like Josh, Big Brother style.

H and Claire are also booked to appear at G-A-Y on Saturday May 4th. They will be launching their single DJ (due for release on the following Monday) with a performance of the track at their very first live PA.

Their web site is called www.handclaire.co.uk. Bit of luck H didn't team up with someone called Job, eh? Then their web site would be called www.handjob.co.uk. Fnah, fnah.

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