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Wednesday, March 27, 2002

The Amazing Retro Webmonkeys…
Last night’s Pop Quiz was a lot of fun, though we didn't win. We got a respectable 16½ out of 21. The theme was one hit wonders i.e. artists who had had just one top 75 chart entry.

See how well you do and leave your answers in the comments.

01. The instrumental round kicked off with a hit called Nut Rocker. Who was the artist?
02. The every popular Popcorn was next. Who had the hit with that?
03. Back in 1984 a band called Doop had a hit. But what was their hit called?
04. The 1970s round was next. What was the name of the song and the artist who had a hit with the lyrics, “you can have it with a buzz, you can have it with a ring and if you really want it you can have a ding-a-ling”.
05. What was the name of the song and the artist who had a hit with the lyrics, “What's he like, Mavis ? He’s a real tasty, geezer”.
06. Who had a hit with Ring My Bell?
07. Who took a cover version of a Norman Greenbaum song to the top of the charts in 1986?
08. Who covered Scott English’s Brandy but subtly changed the title?
09. Who had a number one hit with Fire in 1968?
10. Urban Spaceman was a hit for who? And who was the famous producer?
11. Just Say No got to number five in 1986. Why was it recorded? (three key elements needed)
12. What was Jilted John’s real name?
13. a) Who had a hit with Dance Hall Days? b) Tarzan Boy?
14. a) Who had a hit with The Politics of Dancing? b) Together We are Beautiful?
15. Who is the odd one out (they had more than one hit) a) Minnie Riperton Loving You, b) Wild Cherry Play That Funky Music White Boy, c) I Eat Cannibals Toto Coelo
16. Whose 2nd hit was called Success? (but it wasn't one!)
17. Who had a hit in the 1990s with I Touch Myself?
18. Who had a hit with a song inspired by and called Tetris?
19. Paul Henry had a hit in 1978. What TV show did he come from?
20. What TV show did the singer Neil come from?

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