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Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Acid Mothers Temple…
Next Friday the Acid Mothers Temple are playing live to a screening of the late 80s cult Manga masterpiece The Legend Of The Overfiend at the Royal Festival Hall.

Overfiend is one of my favourite anime films and I love live music in films so I’m thinking of going. I don’t know too much about Acid Mothers Temple though but after reading the blurb I think I’ll like them.

Tokyo's psychedelic earth worshippers Acid Mothers Temple perform live a score to the cult, X certificate Japanese Manga classic "Urotsukidji - Legend of the Overfiend". The perfect accompaniment to Hideki Takayama's 18 certificate 108 minute long animated classic. Acid Mothers Temple unleash a lethal concoction of guitar solos, Jazz inspired improvisation and Krautrock-like noise to one of cinema's darkest fantasies. Graphic sex, demon-induced gore and supernatural shenanigans make for a night of deliciously uncensored hardcore horror. Take your warning. Adults only.

If you fancy coming too let me know.

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