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Friday, March 22, 2002

Do you have any bands that you would buy their music no matter what they put out? You have to buy every last single, every last remix, every last track no matter how crap? I have. In the past in used to be acts like Donna Summer, Bananarama, (early) Kylie, The Communards, Talking Heads, Kim Wilde, Erasure, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Steps (sniff). I would religiously buy every single and album they put out - long past their sell by dates I can tell you. Thankfully I've managed to let most of them go now. I have disposed of nearly all my vinyl and have severely cut back on my CD purchasing. But still I can't not buy anything put out by certain artists. Certain bands just make me want to rush to the store.

These are (in no particular order):
Laurie Anderson
Soft Cell
Marc Almond
Pet Shop Boys
Depeche Mode
George Michael
Brian Eno

I need to have everything they release. And I have boxes of CDs in my attic to prove it.

So what did I rush to buy this lunchtime from HMV (all out this week)?
- Two George Michael singles - both remixes of Freeek!.
- One Marilyn Manson cover of Tainted Love - bizarrely because I love the Soft Cell version so much.
- Three Pet Shop Boys singles - two remixes and the DVD single of Home and Dry.

I shall probably play them just once. If that.

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