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Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Trouble Diva's Pop Quiz Anwsers...
Now go check out his site and give him a big wet one. His quiz was great. Got any more?

1. Blue. (Eiffel 65’s #1 was ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’)
2. Both have a member called Jon Lee.
3. Mick Jagger (Goddess In The Doorway)
4. Because Hear’say recorded a track with David Cassidy which only appears on his Then And Now top ten album. They also released their own ‘Popstars’ and ‘Everybody’ albums.
5. The soundtrack album to the film ‘O Brother Where Art Thou?’. It sold more than any artist’s album.
6. Erasure’s debut album was Wonderland. In 2001, The Charlatans also released an album called Wonderland, and Kelis released one called Wanderland.
7. Oxide & Neutrino, with ‘Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty)’ in 2000, and as part of So Solid Crew with ‘21 Seconds’ in 2001.
Or: Spice Girls/Emma Bunton is another correct answer (with ‘Holler/Let Love Lead The Way’ in 2000 and ‘What Took You So Long?’ in 2001).
Or: Kylie, who dropped her surname in 2001 for the ‘Fever’ album and its ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head Single’. She was still Kylie Minogue when ‘Spinning Around’ was #1 in 2000.
8. The artists appeared as animated versions in the videos.
9. Both names had previously been used by ANOTHER chart act. Blue were another male UK group, who had a #18 hit single in 1977 with ‘Gonna Capture Your Heart’. Oasis had a #23 album in 1984, also called ‘Oasis’.
10. They are the Belgian, Australian and New Zealand groups formed by each country’s version of the Popstars TV programme.
11. Kylie
12 (a) = "….then you SWALLOW slower." (Diana Ross)
12 (b) = "…you’re about as easy as A NUCLEAR WAR" (Duran Duran)
12 (c) = "…you were a SLEEPAROUND, a lost and found…." (Soft Cell)
13. They’re all called ‘Gold’.
14. Estonia’s forgettably crap winning song was called ‘Everybody’, the same as Hear’say’s third single and second album.
15. Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman.
16. The Backstreet Boys. They are still going, but all the others announced they were splitting up in 2001.
17 (a) = S Club 7
17 (b) = ‘Never Had A Dream Come’ (2000’s 9th best-seller) and ‘Don’t Stop Movin’’ (2001’s 7th best-seller). (NB. ‘Reach’ was only the 11th best-seller of 2000!)
18. Mambo No.5 (for Lou Bega and Bob The Builder).
19. They’re the only four acts in the last three years who have CLIMBED to #1 from inside the chart, and not been a NEW ENTRY in the top spot. This is a particularly sneaky answer, as DJ Otzi’s ‘Hey Baby (Uh Ah)’ was at #45 on import the week before its UK release, but wasn’t classed as a new entry the next week because the import and the UK release had the same catalogue number. Technically therefore, it’s a climber, beating the record held since 1982 by Captain Sensible’s ‘Happy Talk’ (#33 to #1, I think) for the biggest leap to #1.
20. Manic Street Preachers (So Why So Sad, #8 and Found That Soul, #9).
21. Lush (Hypocrite #52 and Desire Lines #60).
22. ‘XL’ by 5ive and ‘Pulp’ by Pulp.
Five were threatened with legal action by successful dance label XL Recordings, (but apparently NOT by Kingsize records, another dance label!)
Jarvis Cocker said (on TV: Chig saw him!) that they were going to release an eponymous album because they couldn’t think of a title.
23. James – Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
24. Six: Kylie (#1), Posh’s mate Elton John (#2), Ian Brown (#3), Bob The Builder (#4), Garbage (#6) David Cassidy (#7). Victoria entered at #10 and fell to #35 the next week. Four of this other six (including Bob The Builder AND David Cassidy) are still in the top 75. Victoria is not.
25 (a) = Afroman
25 (b) = Abs from 5ive
25 (c) = Shaggy
25 (d) = J from 5ive

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