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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Never Mind The Buzzcocks...
I'm going to BBC Television Centre tonight to go and watch Never Mind The Buzzcocks (NMTB) being filmed. My friend and comedian Ben Norris is one of the panelists.

Started in 1996 on BBC2 NMTB isn't so much a pop game show, more a comedy vehicle for the two regular team captains and four guest panelists. The four rounds are usually 'indecipherable lyrics' where the teams have to work out what it being sung , 'intros' where two members of each teams have to do an impression of a famous intro, 'identity parade' where an old band member from a popular band from the past is put in a line with other lookalikes and 'next lines' which is the quick fire where the teams have to say the next line of a lyric.

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