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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Pop Quiz Goes Digital…
Last night David took his digital camera and I took my digital camcorder to record the weekly event that is the Retro Bar Pop Quiz. Sadly I didn’t capture on film the magic moment when Wendy apologised that DJ Lush (her ex-) was uncharacteristically slow at changing the CDs with the immortal line, “she’s usually much better with her fingers than this”. Cue: much laughter and Wendy blushing.

Being Pete Waterman’s 55th birthday spurred Wendy to concoct a PW quiz last night. We had a full team of David, Darren, Ian and myself. David and Dave sat opposite us and pulled faces while forming a ickle team of their own. Our team name was Stocky, Aching and Vorderman.

All questions relate to Pete Waterman productions.

1. What are the names of the three original members of Bananarama? Bonus point if you can get the ‘fourth’ member who joined when one the original number left.
2. What are the 17 words that start the chorus to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up?
3. Famous at fourteen, married a Rolling Stone and crap singer. Name her.
4. Cover versions of Baker Street and Never Let Her Slip Away in 1992. Name the band.
5. Name the year that Never Stop Me From Loving You, Especially For You and Hand On Your Heart were all hits.
6. Jive Bunny, Cliff Richard, a Grease Megamix. Which of these did PW not produce?
7. Name the five members of Westlife
8. Who had a hit with It’s A Fine Day in 1992?
9. Who had a hit with Roadblock?
10. Big Fun had a hit with a Jacksons song. Can you name it?
11. Westlife covered an ABBA song. Can you name it?
12. Bananarama and the Jackson 5 both had a hit with the same name (but not the same song). Can you name it?
13. Can you name two other artists who have recorded songs with the answer to #12? (NB: not cover versions)
14. Fill in the Jason Donavan blanks: Too Many XXXX XXXX
15. Fill in the Jason Donavan blanks: Every XXXX (I XXXX You More)
16. Fill in the Jason Donavan blanks: XXXX With A XXXX
17. Who had a hit with Say I’m Your Number One? Who had a hit with Stomp!?
18. Who had a hit with Wouldn’t It Be Good? Who had a hit with Whatever I Do, Wherever I Go?
19. Who had a hit with Pass The Dutchie? Who had a hit with Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)?
20. Who had a hit with No Limits? Who had a hit with Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now?

How many can you get? We got a measely 16.5 out of a possible 21. The winners got 20/21 but didn't win the £33 prize money.

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