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Friday, January 25, 2002

Gay Abandon...
I read that the Tories are set to abandon their anti-gay stance. "Apart from the British National Party, I don't think there is a party that is excitable about people's personal sexuality" - says former Tory vice chairman Steven Norris.

Well Steven, I do want a party that is excitable about people's personal sexuality. I want a party that actually does something to redress inequality between gay and straight relationships in the eyes of the law. So three cheers to the Lib Dems today (see below).

Civil partnerships...
Friday sees the second reading in the House of Lords of a bill that would give gay and unmarried heterosexual couples many of the same legal rights as married people.

The bill, proposed by Liberal Democrat peer, Lord Lester, would see the establishment of "civil partnerships", provides for the registration of the partnership and sets out the ensuing legal consequences.

Backed by gay rights group Stonewall, the bill also contains a provision for terminating such partnerships.

Currently the rights enjoyed by married couples, such as the automatic right of inheritance in the event of a spouse dying in testate or the right of succession to certain tenancies and to pension funds, are denied to non-married couples.

- from BBC online

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