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Thursday, January 10, 2002

Decisions, decisions, decisions…
Next Thursday 17th January I have been invited to three things. All of which I would love to do.

1) Wendy and DJ Lush are having a big wing-ding to celebrate 5 years of managing the Retro Bar. They’re going to have loads of DJs (including Darren), a late license, free Bacardi and lots of people I know will be there. £3 ticket sales will all go to Stonewall. Wendy has been very good to me this last year and I owe her a lot. I really want to go to this.

2) Expectations (who I do some work for) have invited me to their (belated) Christmas party at Catford Dog Track. I’ve always wanted to go dog racing in the East End. The offer of going with a bunch of cute guys who make and sell leather and rubber who will all be in a party mood seems just too tempting. There will be fun, laughter and flirting aplenty (or is that just me!). I really want to go to this too.

3) Ben Norris, friend and comedy genius, is much loved by Hat Trick Productions who make loads of TV shows for the BBC: Have I Got News For You, They Think It’s All Over and Never Mind The Buzzcocks amongst others. Ben is pitching a completely new game show format to them that so far they seem to like a lot. He has three people from Hat Trick working full time on it and the format is being launched with a live version downstairs at Bar Code. I really want to go to this too (being both a friend and a media-whore myself).

So what should I do? I'm torn.

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