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Wednesday, January 09, 2002

Pop Quiz Champs! (start the year the way you want to go on)...
Last night’s Retro Bar Pop Quiz was the traditional revisit to the favourite questions from quizzes over the past year. Anyone with a good memory and a high attendance record stood a good chance of doing well. Blessed with the latter rather than the former we were optimistic but not over confident. We needn’t have worried. We won. By a very long way.

David, Ian and I made up one team and Dave, Iain and new boy Andrew made up another. There were only 11 teams in total so it was more for fun than cash.

I shall alter the questions a little to make it into a better quiz for you here (as yet I can’t play tracks samples on my site).

01. Toploader had a hit with Dancing In The Moonlight. But what famous showbiz daughter recorded it originally in 1973?

02. Take part of an early Souxsie and the Banshees single and add it to part of the name of the band that recorded The Power Of Love and Hip To Be Square to get a children’s TV show title.

03. Take part of a Chris Spedding rock track and add it to a Madonna track title (that was an early number one from her first major film role) to get another children’s TV show title.

04. Richard Cheese (god love him) did a lounge cover of Last Resort. Can you name the original band who had a hit with this?

05. Richard Cheese also did a lounge cover of You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party. Can you name the original band who had a hit with this?

06. And finally Richard Cheese did a lounge cover of Holiday In Cambodia. Can you name the original band who had a hit with this?

07. Complete the En Vogue song title: XXXX (Never Gonna Get It)

08. Who had a hit with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?

09. Which big fat momma had a hit with Somebody Else’s Guy?

10. Can you get the next 14 words in the Richard Marx song Right Here Waiting after: Oceans apart day after day, And I slowly go insane, I hear your voice on the line, But it doesn't stop the pain, If I see you next to never, How can we say forever…

11. What 50’s heart-throb sang Grease (Is The Word)?

12. What 60’s heart-throb sang Beauty School Dropout?

13. How many weeks was You’re The One That I Want number one in the UK?

14. Can you get the next 10 words in the Glen Campbell song Rhinestone Cowboy after: I've been walkin' these streets so long, Singin' the same old song, I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway. Where hustle's the name of the game, And nice guys get washed away like the snow and the rain, There's been a load of compromisin', On the road to my horizon, But I'm gonna be where the lights are shinin' on me. Like a Rhinestone Cowboy...

15. What year did Gene Pitney originally have a number three hit with Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart in the UK?

16. Complete the S Club 7 song titles: (a) Bring It All XXXX (b) XXXX In A Million (c) XXXX Party (d) XXXXch (e) NatXXXX (f) Don’t Stop XXXX (g) Have You XXXX (two points for all 7 correct)

17. Who had a hit with (a) Nancy Boy and who had a hit with (b) Single Girl?

18. Who had a hit with (a) Inbetweener and who had a hit with (b) Space Oddity?

19. Who had a hit with (a) Why Does It Always Rain On Me? and who had a hit with (b) Yellow?

Our score of 17½ out of 20 secured a belated Christmas present of S Club 7’s first CD S Club. Fantastic.

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