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Friday, January 18, 2002

Top Night...
Both events I went to last night were great fun. Marky had finished his end of term essay so he came too, as did another house guest we have staying with us over from Chicago.

Ben's Doodlebugs show at the Amused Moose Club was fast, anarchic and wildly funny. Each team comprised of a cartoonist and a stand-up comedian. Ben was the host. The air was turned a deeper shade of blue for most of the night, but hey, what do you expect from a bunch of semi-drunk stand-up comics! The format was fine, although it needed a bit more work to make the scoring fairer and some of the rounds needed to be a bit tighter i.e. shorter. Sometimes the exact aim got a little lost. Had they drawn what they were supposed to or not? The funniest times were when the comics were given free reign to have their wild ramblings drawn in real-time. Hilarious.

After it all finished Marky and I hot-footed it over to the Retro Bar to help celebrate Wendy (picture on the left) and DJ Lush's 5 years at the helm.
Wendy The Usual Suspects
The place was packed and we spent a lovely final hour of the night listening to Darren spin the tunes and mingling with various low-lifes of the gay blogging community. Namely Iain, Ian, Dave, David (+ Rick) and, of course, David.
DJ Lush
We had a great time there and it was made especially nice as Wendy and DJ Lush (picture above) really liked the present that David and I gave them. We mocked up an affectionate Pet Shop Boys album cover containing some pop songs mixed together. Lush was so enthusiastic she rushed to put it on straight away!
Retro Boys front Retro Boys back
Neat, huh?

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