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Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Pop Quiz...
Last night's Retro Bar teaser pop quiz was wonderful. David, Ian, Sarah, Marky, Dave, Marcus, Nikki et al were all in attendance. The quiz was simple - name the artists. Prompted on from the CD compilation that David and I gave to Wendy and Leslie they decided to use one of the tracks, a 7 minute Stars On 45/Jive Bunny style mix created by Osymyso (real name Mark) in the quiz. As Osymyso had DJed at the Retro Bar before Wendy got in touch to make sure he was happy that she used the track in the quiz. Not only was he happy for it to be used but he offered his new 12 minute version instead. This 12 minute version contains 101 different intro to famous tracks all multilayered and intermingled into one fabulous extravaganza.

Osymyso is hoping to release the track as a single so I'll not be making it available for download. However you can listen to the full 12 minute version here if you want to know what we had to face in the quiz last night (if you use a firewall you will need to open the ports for MMS). If you like what you hear then watch this space for news of where and when the track is available. The 7 minute version is available for download however which you can do here.

Wendy repeatedly pointed out David and I as the people responsible for the track being used in the quiz in case of any complaints! They played the track four times all the way through. Each time we picked up more of the one's we missed the previous time. I was a little nervous that if we won then people might accuse us of cheating. Afterall we had heard the 7 minute version before so we had a bit of head start on the other teams. We needn’t have worried though. Despite getting a very respectable 88 out of 101 we were pipped by a team getting 89. Wendy had guaranteed the money would go (£61 of it). I'd suggested that even if we had won we should have given the money to charity. For second place we were offered free tickets to Popstars which we gratefully accepted to add to our growing collection.

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