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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Government Health Warning...
[ex smoker mode on]
I confess. I puff the odd cigarette sometimes when I'm drunk. I hate myself for it but there you go. What can I say? I'm weak. One thing I will never do though is start up again full time. I see that Marcus is giving up. Good for him. Go give him some encouragement. It's a tough thing to do.

I've given up three times over the years. The last time was four years ago and it was hell. It took three weeks for the nicotine to go. Then three months for the craving to stop. But it was worth it. Medically, socially and financially. I felt so much better. I realised I could take control of my life.

People who smoke stink. They smell of ash trays. Their breath stinks, their clothes stink and their hair stinks. Smokers can't smell properly so they don't even know if they smell of something else they've eaten. No one wants to kiss a smoker. Smokers lose their sense of taste. Smokers lose feeling in their mouths and their faces. They have yellow nicotine-stained fingers.

If you are giving up remember how lousy you feel now. Remember it clearly. It'll help you to stay stopped when you're tempted to "just have one" later on. Get you partner / friend / colleague to tell you now much nicer it is now you don't smoke. Save the money from your ciggies and buy yourself something at the end of two weeks. Treat yourself. You're breaking an addiction.

My parent's best friends used to smoke. They're both dead now. Lung cancer and breast cancer.

Do you smoke? Well stop. Stop now. It'll kill you if you don't.
[ex smoker mode off]

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