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Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Fab Gadget...
On Saturday I went a bit mad.

Firstly I bought a new Samsung DECT phone / answering machine for the house (our old Philips one was getting a bit ropey). It's a fab little gizmo that does all you would expect a digital cordless phone to do. I spent about 5 minutes playing with it and got bored. Phones are just phones, right?

The second toy essential item I bought on Saturday was a digital video (DV) camera. I've been after one for some time and on the spur of the moment after much careful consideration went ahead and splashed out. In fact I'd been debating for some time which one to get. I knew I wanted to get a Sony ('cos I love Sony products and they've never let me down yet), I knew I wanted 0 lux so I could use it in low light conditions (keep your minds out of the gutter, please!) and I knew I wanted it to be able to take photographs too. The microDV cameras were a temptation at first because they are so ickle. But the miniDV camera range won out overall as they have zillions of more features and are not much bigger. I even did a 'needs analysis' on each camera in the Sony miniDV range weighing up cost, functionality, user feedback of each. And rest assured, there were spreadsheets involved. After much agonising I did what I always do. I bought the most expensive one!
So sitting in front of me now is my shiny new Sony DCR-PC120E PAL Digital Video Camera. It is a wonder to look at and a dream to use. It has 1.55 Mega-pixels, 120x digital zoom and 10x optical zoom, that 'super steady-shot' thing that keeps the picture steady when your hand shakes, 'super night shot' which actually can see in the dark (I tried it out and it is incredible), a Memory Stick (for photos and MPEG movies), firewire, USB, Bluetooth, support for POP3 and SMTP (to send and receive e-mail with pictures and video) and also HTTP (yes, I can browse the web from it and possible even blog).

It'll take me ages to get to grips with all the features I expect. But that's the fun of new gadgets, right?

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