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Friday, January 04, 2002

Pop Quiz 2001...
I found this fantastic pop quiz on the wonderful troubled diva site. Bigups for such a great quiz. I found it rather tricky and so reproduce it here to see if any of you hip cats know the answers. Feel free to post any you know to my comments below so I can cheat dazzle troubled diva with my pathetic memory of all things pop in 2001 encyclopedic 2001 pop knowledge next week.

Chig's 2001 fiendish pop quiz.

1) Ignoring brackets, which name reached #1 in 1999 as a song title, and then in 2001 as the name of an artist?

2) What is the connection between the memberships of Feeder and S Club 7?

3) Which megastar sold 954 copies of his third solo album on its day of release, on the same day that Robbie Williams sold 74,000 of Swing When You’re Winning?

4) Why would Hear’say fans have had to buy THREE albums in 2001 to get all the tracks they released on albums? (NB. It’s nothing to do with import versions of albums.)

5) What was the biggest selling album in America in 2001? (Correct up to 31/10/01, just in case the Music For Heroes 11th September tribute album has now outsold it. That's not the answer I'm looking for.)

6) It sounds like Kelis has something in common with The Charlatans and Erasure. What is it?

7) Which two people topped the singles chart in 2000 and again in 2001, but under different names each time?

8) What did these 2001 single releases have in common?
Five ‘Rock The Party’
Robbie Williams ‘Let Love Be Your Energy’
Limp Bizkit ‘Boiler’
Steps ‘Words Are Not Enough’

9) What’s the connection between the names of Oasis and 2001 double chart-toppers Blue?

10) What do the following groups all have in common?
Vanda Vanda
Skandal Us

11) All of these acts had TWO #1 singles in the UK in 2001, EXCEPT which one?:
Shaggy, Atomic Kitten, Hear’say, Westlife, Blue, Kylie, S Club 7, Robbie Williams

12) Sex and violence are obviously not allowed in the squeaky clean worlds of Steps, allSTARS and er, David Gray, so they censored their own lyrics. All three of them released covers of 1980s hits in 2001, and all three ludicrously changed a line in their remakes. What was the original lyric in each case?

(a) "You make me tremble when your hand moves lower. You taste a little then you follow slower."
(Steps – Chain Reaction)

(b) "Don’t say you’re easy on me; you’re about as easy as you were before"
(allSTARS – Is There Something I Should Know?)

(c) "You were a runaround, a lost and found, and not for me I fear. "
(David Gray – Say Hello Wave Goodbye)

13) Loads of acts released greatest hits compilations at the end of 2001, but what distinguishes those from Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Perry Como and Steps from most of the others?

14) Hear’say won Popstars, and Estonia won Eurovision. What’s the direct connection between Hear’say and Eurovision 2001?

15) Name every Australian to reach #1 in the UK singles chart in 2001.

16) Which group is the odd one out?
(a) All Saints
(b) Savage Garden
(c) Aqua
(d) Five
(e) Backstreet Boys

17) Only one act in the Top Ten singles of 2000 has also managed to get a single in the Top Ten of 2001.
(a) Who?
(b) What are the two singles?

18) Which song reached #1 in 1999 and again in 2001, for a different act?

19) Only Steps and Cliff Richard did it in 1999, only Bob The Builder did it in 2000, and only DJ Otzi did it in 2001. Did what exactly?

20) Who attempted to enter the chart at #1 and #2 by releasing two singles on the same day in February, but only managed to enter at #8 and #9?

21) Which indie band had tried the above trick in 1994, only reaching #52 and #60, before they had some much bigger hits at the height of Britpop?

22) Both of these 2001 albums were called something entirely different until moments before release (even being reviewed in magazines under their previous titles):
Kingsize (Five)
We Love Life (Pulp).
(a) What were they originally called?
(b) What was the official reason given for each change?

23) On a similar note, which band toured with a song called ‘Daniel’s Saving Grace’, long before releasing it as a single in 2001, and what did the title become on release?

24) Victoria Beckham’s self-titled debut album and Kylie’s ‘Fever’ were both released on the same day, in the ‘titanic chart battle’ that never happened. How many new albums eventually entered the chart higher than Victoria Beckham’s in that first week?

25) All these people had #1 singles in 2001. This is how they’re known to their mothers, but how are they known to music fans?
Joseph Foreman
Richard Breen
Orville Burrell
Jason Brown

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