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Wednesday, January 02, 2002

The last few days...
On Sunday Colin, Martin, Stephen, Ross, Marky, Nikki, Chris, Peter and I all met up for beer and games. We took over the back bar at the Ram Bar where the pool table and darts board are. The Ram Bar is usually full of the most eclectic mix of rich drunkards and assorted low-life - so we fitted right in! I was in my element organising teams to play Round The World, 501 and the like. Best night out in a long time. We crawled home very late. And boy did I have a hangover on Monday.

Monday was of course New Year's Eve itself. I was working during the day and at 8pm we went round to Chris and Stu's for dinner with the gang. Tania and Graham popped in too (to sort of announce their engagement) and we all had a merry good time. By 1:30am Marky and I were getting a little twitchy though as we had arranged to meet Colin at some point in the Artful. One very expensive cab ride later we were there. And for the next four hours we played. A fab way to spend NYE, I say. And boy did I have a hangover yesterday.

Last night (Tuesday) Nikki, Ian, Graham (sans Chris), Marky and I went to Le Petit Auberge (rapidly becoming my favourite eatery) for dinner. Afterwards Graham, Marky and I went to Central Station for more alcohol and mischief - again we played pool, had a little dance and chased the boy with the bubble-butt round the dark room. I found his phone number in my jeans' pocket this morning. And boy did that help me feel better about my hangover today.

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