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Sunday, January 20, 2002

Games Day...
This weekend we have three house guests staying with us. As the five of us had had such a heavy night on Friday we didn't feel much like moving off the sofa on Saturday so we simply played games. Lots of games. Board games, computer games and word games. For 14 hours (with the odd break for food and Pop Idol). I was in Heaven. The games we played were:-

- 4 way Mario Kart on the N64 [I came second]
- The Weakest Link (the annoying speaking version) [I won]
- Grand Theft Auto III on the PS2 [everyone watched me play and made suggestions as to what to do]
- Ker-plunk [I came last]
- Buckeroo [I won]
- Mouse Trap [I came last]
- Who's In The Hat? [We lost - just]
- 4 way Super Bomberman 2 on the SNES (my favourite console game ever) [I won]

It was the most fun I'd had "doing nothing all day" for a very long time. It brought back memories of our Sunday games afternoons that we used to hold. Lunch then serious game playing till the we small hours. Bliss.

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