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Friday, January 11, 2002

Must-See Films...
Dave has come up with a great game. Change just one letter in a film title and come up with a new title. Then write a tag line for the film. He's running a little competition so go to his site and leave your suggestions. My contribution was as follows:-

"Futuristic thriller where robots are slain by hi-tech word play" - Blade Punner

"A governess put in charge of two young children begins to see the ghost of her dead predecessor. Only the local prison warder and his trusty side-kick Faeces can save her slow descent into madness" – The Turd Of The Screw

"New from Johnson and Johnson. Keep your rabbit’s botty free from diarrhoea with real feather goose wipes" - Watershit Down

"A world of fantasy awaits Mrs Mop when she tries to clean her chip fat laden hob" - The Lard Of The Rings

"Just when you thought it was safe to have an Indian curry" - Fart Apache

"No–one knew William’s secret ingredient to his creamy whirls. Until now" - Willy Wanka and The Chocolate Factory

"A shocking documentary depicting antisocial acts by male members such as public urination" - Penis The Menace

"Matthew Broderick reprises his 1986 film role to bring a slight twist to the term ‘bunking off’ school with his best friend" - Ferris Bueller’s Gay Off

Can you do any better? Sure you can.

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