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Wednesday, February 27, 2002

You can't can have too many police on the tube...
Recent advice is that the police should use public transport rather than police cars to get about London. It cuts costs and deters crime on the buses and the tubes with a high profile uniformed police presence. All sensible stuff. However on my way into town last night my tube carriage was full with uniformed officers. All the police had had to take their helmets off so they didn't bash on the carriage roof which took up even more space. And as it was still rush hour they were being crammed in like sardines along with the rest of us. Lots more people were trying to push on as we approached the West End which made matters even worse. Quite a funny scene then when some irate commuter shouted at this bobby at Covent Garden, "Shove up! Yes! YOU! There's loads of room further down the carriage!"

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