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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Power cut...
Over the weekend our building had a planned annual power down. All the electricity in the building it turned off for an entire weekend for maintenance. When I say 'annual' I really mean 'frequent', of course. Our building seems to turn the power off every couple of months just for the hell of it. Does your office do this? Are we the only place that has to suffer these ridiculous power cuts?

When the power does get turned off I need to close every system down one by one and make sure it's safe and secure (electrically speaking). This often involves me staying late on a Friday night as there's always some prat who wants to finish off some vitally important memo to his cat or something. Then on Monday morning I have to get up half way through the night to start powering all the systems back again so our office is ready for an 8am start.

It just so happened that one of our systems didn't recover from the shut down last weekend, namely Internet Mail (so apologies if you have sent me any mail to my work address in the last few days), and I've only just managed to get it working again. It was a routing problem.

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