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Friday, February 08, 2002

Berlin - the beginning...
We arrived yesterday to a grey miserable day. The hotel was pleasant enough - roomy, warm and welcoming. We spent the afternoon wandering around the district and getting to know the area. Found a friendly bar just across the street and generally made ourselves at home. 5 minutes later we were bored. Let's do something. So we went to the cinema.

And a very odd place it was too. There were very few seats and most of those were in booths. The films kept being changed to different film so just as you were getting interested in watching something it changed. Very strange. Not only that but people kept moving around and you wondered at times whether they were interested in what was being screened at all! In the end I simply resigned myself to the fact that I'd not be able to follow the plot of any of it and let myself go with the flow. Besides after two hours of trying to keep up with what was going on I decided to head home.

Rog and I decided to skip our disco nap and head straight out for food. Big mistake. After returning for a little sleep before going out later we where both out like lights. So we went to bed at 9:30 and never made it out of the hotel again until the next morning.

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