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Friday, February 15, 2002

Are you a man or a mouse...?
Can you kill? Would you kill? OK, put it this way, would you or could you cause someone to die through your action or inaction? Could you pull a trigger and shoot someone dead? What if they had a gun and were going to shoot you? Would you defend yourself or your loved ones? What about your country? Would you ever enlist? What if we were at war? Could you cause death remotely? Push a button and fire a rocket or drop a bomb? Would you feel bad about killing someone? Can you kill? Can you?

Would you stop a fight if you saw it in the street? How about a man hitting a woman? Even if it was domestic fight? What if there was blood? What if someone was on the ground being kicked? How about three men fighting, or more? Would you break up a riot? Would you defend the small guy being picked on by the gang? Would you fight or stand and watch? Would you fight? Would you?

How would you stop someone being bullied? How do you defend the weakling? How about fighting in place of someone else? Would you take on someone bigger than you? Would you walk away from a fight? From abuse? What if you were being taunted? In front of your friends or family? What if you brother or sister was being bullied? Or you mother or father were being harassed? Would you fight someone? Hit them? Scare them off? Could you stop a bully? Could you?

Do you like cheese? Do you like running up drainpipes and hiding under floorboards? Do you twitch your nose and scratch your ears? Do you defecate continually leaving a trail across the floor? Are you scared of cats? Do you like cheese, do you? Do you? Are you a mouse? Are you? A mouse?

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