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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Universally Challenged...
Ha, ha, ha! Edinburgh lost last night to Imperial College, London in BBC2's University Challenge. By a big margin. The smug Canadian, Mary-Anne Foster (her with the ginger hair, glasses, annoying cackle, studying 'Infomatics') along with her pompous team mates Gregory (trying and failing to look and act like James Bond), Warner (singlehandedly reviving the idea of the Sloaneranger) and Griffith ('don't mind me I'm just along for the ride') put in a disastrous performance. Incorrect answers to early interruptions of questions cost them dearly. I love the show though. The philosophy of hard questions but easy answers is a winning one. It's fun to nurse a bottle of wine and shout out the answers with your b/f to see who can get the most right.

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