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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Serious About Shorts...
On Tuesday night prior to Pop Quiz Darren and I went to the Curzon in Shaftsbury Avenue to go and see four short films culled from various Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals around the world. They were all very good. Very funny, touching and well worth seeing.

The first was DOORS CUT DOWN (Antonio Hens, 17 mins, Spain, 2000) "From shopping centre toilets to his parent's home the libido of the 16-year-old in this film is going to get him in trouble one of these days." This was hilarious. This Spanish school kid leaves school everyday and goes down to his local shopping mall and cruises the toilets having sex with strangers and generally living the Life of Riley. He gets kicked out of the mall one day with the local bike mechanic and told not to come back. He starts to have extra English tuition at home and soon seduces his English teacher. Much to his Dad's disgust who walks in on them while they're fucking. One visit to the local psychotherapist later it's his parents that need the therapy not him. He then returns to the mall with his bike mechanic boyfriend and snog in front of the security guards.

Then came 4PM (Sam Backhurst, 13mins, UK, 1999) "A hilarious tale of a one-night stand between two London girls that goes terrifically right...and then horribly wrong!" Sex, politicians, goldfish, guns, lost keys, porno photographs. A very funny lesbian farce.

The weakest of the four was MEETING (Marie-Pierre Huster, 9mins, France, 2001) "A prospective job becomes more intriguing when a woman discovers that last night's tryst was with the new boss's wife" Lots of sexy and moody pouting and stylish close-ups of lipstick lesbians dancing and fucking but short on real plot. More of a male fantasy film I think.

The best of the four was the final EARLY FROST (Pierre Pinaud, 17 mins, France, 1999) "Ten-year-old Caroline leads a normal suburban life until she notices that her beloved pet rabbit, Pitou, has homosexual tendencies." This was SO funny. A black comedy to be sure. A little girl has a rabbit who turns out to be gay. The bigoted parents don't approve and end up suffocating it in a freezer bag and putting it in the freezer. They pretend it's run away but the girl finds out what's happened and goes ape. She throws the now rock solid fraozen rabbit at the mother giving her a black eye. The girl befriends the local gay couple who offer to bury it in their garden. The girl recovers from the trauma. The parents need therapy. Darren and I were screeching with laughter throughout.

Billy Whizz, the unlikely named organizer, is going to try and get us some invites for the LLGFF launch later this year. Can't wait.

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