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Monday, February 04, 2002

Sexy Beast...
Yesterday was a film day: Film # 2. This was fun, entertaining and the darkest of the films we watched yesterday. Sex Beast centres around a robbery that's being planned in London for which mad-boy Don Logan (Ben Kingsley) tries to persuade retired gangster Gal (Ray Winstone) back out of retriement from the Spanish Costa Del Crime. It treads the line between humour and crime quite carefully. Never being too jokey, Kingsley puts up a performance that must rank him amongst the most evil villains in quite some time. The brutal nature of the film is somewhat lessened by the fact that Teddy Bass (the 'Mr Big' who is organising the heist) is played by none other than Lovejoy's Ian McShane. Still, his steely blue eyes did have a certain menace about them.

Well worth seeing. Even if it's just to watch Kinsley's threatening psycho go 'ape'.

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