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Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Kim Smith (my only claim to fame)...
My Mum and Dad knew the Smiths quite well. They lived just round the corner from us when we were growing up. Their Dad, Reg, used to be a teen idol in the Fifties but he wasn't much cop anymore. He used to go by the name of Marty Wilde ("'cos I'm wild, geddit?!"). I think they used to live in West London somewhere (Chiswick?) before they moved near us. Their daughter Kim (who was a year older than me) came to my birthday party once. She had long black hair and went to school in Ware. She then went on to college in St Albans I think to do some arty course and dyed her hair blonde (the way you do). I'd love to say that we're still in touch and she sends me Christmas cards every year but that just isn't the case. We lost touch altogether after she left college. The next thing I heard she was going to take on her father's stage name of Wilde and her Dad and brother, Ricki, had written a song for her called 'Kids in America'. The rest, I guess, is history.

Do you / did you know anybody famous?

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