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Thursday, February 21, 2002

The Brits 2002: The TV Show...
We just finished watching The Brits. The early highlight was Kylie in a micro-skirt singing Can't Get You Out Of My Head backed with New Order's Blue Monday. It was simply fantastic. One of those rare moments when you know that pop music is here to save your world. A perfect mix of sex and technology that got our jaws dropping open. Sadly the rest of the two hour show was but a steady anticlimax. Compere Frank Skinner was a complete waste of space. Co-host Zoe Ball is, and always will be, an amateur. Dido (who won two awards) has always been, quite frankly, over-rated. Mild highlights of the show were Anastasia and Jamiraquai duetting to Donna Summer's Bad Girls and Sing stripping off at the finale to show his rather gorgeous upper torso. But at the end of the day it was a record company event, largely voted for by them and attended by them. We even took a time out to watch a new episode of Friends on the other side half way through and still didn't feel we missed much. But that's the nature of award shows I guess. No surprises.

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