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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

London Traffic Congestion Charges...
The facts
Area: Eight sq mile stretch of central London
Amount: £5 daily charge from 7am - 6.30pm Monday - Friday
How they will check: 130 cameras will scan number plates and you have to pay in a shop, post office or over the internet in the next 24 hours
Fine: £80 fine if you fail to pay
Registration: Vehicles can be registered on internet
Discount: 90% discount for people living in charging zone
Services: 100% discount for disabled and essential services
Start date: 17 Feb 2003

When I was in Singapore a few years ago I saw how their congestion charges worked. All the cars avoided the zone like the plague during the day. This caused severe traffic jams just outside the zone and then a huge 6:30 rush into the zone when the charging period ended. Traffic didn't move any faster, it just moved the problem somewhere else. Does you city have congestion charges? Do they work?

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